About Us


Butter Cheeks Boutique was founded in 2020 by Jodie and Kelli, a sister-duo from eastern North Carolina, obsessed with affordable and charming little girl clothing.  An obsession only heightened when we had our little girls!  As a true try-hard southern momma, we are always looking to style our girls and stay on budget.

That is why we started Butter Cheeks Boutique!  This boutique offered us the opportunity to work together, emboldened us to reach for our own personal goals, and created a culture of inclusiveness amongst mommas.  It's hard out there for a momma, am I right?!?  When we started this boutique, we were determined to use this experience as an education model for our daughters on female leadership and entrepreneurship.   We are determined to teach our girls about business structure, cost analysis, etc. (all the fun stuff!) and want to also inspire girls in our community through partnerships, scholarships to business camps, and work experience that they can be female bosses too!

Mission: To offer fashionable children’s apparel, at an affordable price while strengthening the pathway for future female leaders.

Vision: Cultivate and inspire female leaders in the workforce. 

Why "Butter Cheeks"?  You know how you carry a child for nine months and then have the baby, and everyone says, "oh, he/she looks just like the father"?!  Well, that is exactly what happened to us both!  All three of our girls look just like their daddies (which we don't mind because we married those attractive men!).  However, each girl did have one thing in common with us as children - squishy, chunky, BUTTERY cheeks!  

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